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Star Trek Online Ship Updates - Klingon Vo'Quv Class

Star Trek Online Shp Updates - Klingon Vo'Quv Class

Star Trek Online released brand new details for the Klingon Super Carrier Vo'Quv Class.

Super Carrier – Commissioned 2407

When the alliance with the Federation began to break down, the Klingon Defense Force realized that it needed a ship with more space and armaments than even the mighty Negh'Var. This would be a carrier capable of anchoring a fleet or leading an invasion – the ultimate weapon for a new Klingon Empire.

The engineers at the shipyard of Ty'Gokor spent more than three years on the initial concept for the Vo'Quv. Designed to be the cornerstone of the fleets, the Vo'Quv has the space to carry thousands of warriors and the armament to change the course of a battle. When a Vo'Quv enters a fight, it dominates all but the most fearsome foes.

Increased engine efficiency allows the Vo'Quv to travel great distances before the dilithium crystals must be realigned, and the ship carries electronic countermeasures capable of hampering enemy sensors. The Vo'Quv has the energy necessary to use these countermeasures even when cloaked.

After a battle, two of the Vo'Quv's cargo bays can be converted to engineering stations to help a fleet prepare for the next fight. And while no Klingon ship is designed for comfort, the crew of a Vo'Quv enjoys some small luxuries unavailable to warriors on smaller ships, such as holodecks for battle training and stasis units that keep gagh and other live food fresh for extended periods of time. (source Star Trek Online)

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