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James Kerwin

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 18 “R.U.R.” Special Featuring Chase Masterson & James Kerwin

We’re pleased to announce episode 18 of our “Life After Trek” podcast, the "R U R" Special, featuring Chase Masterson & James Kerwin. Chase & James sit down with us to talk about their new film project R.U.R. & the crowd sourced "spin-off" short R.U.R.: Genesis. A play written by Karel Capek in 1919 -- and decades ahead of its time -- R.U.R. is a sharp commentary on progress, politics, and relationships, accurately predicting advances in biotechnology and setting the tone for future science fiction masterpieces like Metropolis and Blade Runner. In this retro-futuristic adaptation of the classic play (co-written & directed by James & starring Chase) R.U.R. depicts a world populated by genetically engineered workers ("artificials") — perfect, made-to-order humans who lack fundamental rights. We've loved Yesterday Was a Lie and are really looking forward to the release of this project.

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