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Trek Culture Preview: MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition - Limited Edition Box Art & Collectible

Trek Culture Preview: MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition - Limited Edition Box Art & Collectible

We're as excited as a Klingon Warrior at a blood wine all-nighter.... That was followed by a "GLOURIOUS BATTLE! QAPLA'!!". In our hot little hands is the preview limited edition MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition box that includes the 1/6th scale Chancellor's Cane from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, box art & Klingon Empire proclamation. The actual game board and pieces have yet to be released, but the fine folks at USAopoly passed along the preview sample to us, so we could take a few pics and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

First off, the box art looks fantastic. It includes nice vibrant colors featuring recognizable Klingon symbols plus a sweet bat'leth at the top. Opening the box reveals the placeholders for the "Honor" & "Combat" cards, plus the Chancellor's cane. The cane is made from a rubber type resin and has a forged looking stand for displaying.

Starting September 1st, you can visit to preorder your very own limited edition Klingon Monopoly that will include the same Chancellor's cane, but will be limited to 1,701 editions. You only have until September 30th to order and at $49.95 we assume that they will sell extremely fast.

Check out a quick video below showing the painstaking detail put into each of the six game pieces available in MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition

Game Description:
Forged from the fires of Kri’stak, MONOPOLY®: Star Trek Klingon Edition unites the universe’s most legendary characters with America’s favorite game.

To commemorate its release, 1,701 Limited Edition versions of the game will be created! Each will be individually numbered, bilingual, and include a one-of-a-kind mini replica of the Chancellor’s Cane. In addition, a Collector’s Edition will be available, less the Cane and will not be numbered. Choose as you wish! Pre-order: 9/1-9/30. Game release: 11/17. (source)

Check out our full set of preview pictures below.


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