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Life After Trek Podcast Episode 19 Geek Nation Tours Special Featuring Larry Nemecek & Teras Cassidy

Life After Trek Podcast Episode 19 Geek Nation Tour Special Featuring Larry Nemecek & Teras Cassiday

We’re pleased to announce episode 19 of our “Life After Trek” podcast, the Geek Nation Tours Special, featuring Larry Nemecek & Teras Cassidy. Larry & Teras sit down with us to talk about their upcoming Geek Nation Tours project "Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood To Vegas With Larry Nemecek". Born from a meeting at Vegas Khhaaan! 2011, Larry & Teras have partnered to offer a tour just prior to, and including, Vegas. In this tour Larry will guide the group around tons of Star Trek related sites located in Southern California. Some of the sites they will be visiting are the gardens used as Starfleet Academy, Paramount Studios, the site of the Kirk vs. Gorn battle (with a visit from the “Gorn himself”, Bobby Clark), and many many more. Check out the Geek Nation Tours website for more info.

Not only do we discuss the new tour in-depth, but we also got the chance to talk about early fandom experiences for Larry & Teras, upcoming convention appearances, Con of Wrath, and as always, general Trek geekery. We had a great time visiting with both of these awesome guys in this episode and think that you'll enjoy it too. Check out the download links below.




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