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New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Leaked (With Possible Spoilers)

New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer Leaked (With Possible Spoilers)

A brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming J.J.-verse Star Trek Into Darkness was leaked to the web. Supposedly, this is the trailer that's being shown as a preview before the new Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. The new teaser features a handful of as-of-yet-seen intense action shots from the film including Kirk & Spock in a small (shuttle? fighter?) ship chase and general spacesuit awesomeness.

The biggest thing I gleaned from the new clip is Captain...uh, Admiral Pike's position. Literally. He's NOT in the wheel chair! You can actually see him standing and walking around in a few scenes. Rock! Since Bruce Greenwood's portrayal of Christopher Pike was one of my favorite parts from Star Trek 2009, I gotta say, I'm pretty excited. Let's hope he has a prominent role in the new flick.

Still no details on Benedict Cumberbatch's "true" identity in the film. Yeah, yeah, he's supposed to be John Harrison (whoever that is), but IMDB has him listed as Khan with rumored in parenthesis.... uh, oh the internet might burst into flames.

Anyway, check out the full teaser below:

Thanks to our good friends at Geek Fights for posting this via Facebook.

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