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Starfleet Escape Podcast Episode 16: "The Borg" Released

Starfleet Escape Podcast Episode 16: "The Borg" Released

Note from Captain Pyke: Thanks to Aaron from the Starfleet Escape Podcast for sending along the new episode info and show primer. It's a show we dig and know you will too. Follow these guys on twitter @SFEscapePod

The Starfleet Escape PodCast started out in August of 2012 on the Four Eyed Radio Network. Every other week three Star Trek fans get together and discuss various topics in the Star Trek universe.

Aaron, Marty, and Eric in this 16th episode of the podcast discuss the Federation's most lethal threat; the Borg. Each episode starts off with recent Star Trek news, and this episode is no different. This week we cover IDW's Hive series of comic books, Star Trek Continues' script contest, the recent Into Darkness spoilers and much more. Then in one of our favorite segments we'll ask you, "Would you buy it?"

The Borg are a very dynamic race. We'll discuss the original plans for the Borg and their evolution throughout TNG and Voyager. Each episode we reach out to the Star Trek communities on Facebook, Twitter, and most recently Google+ and ask them a question and read their answers on the show. This week we asked, "What is your favorite Borg episode and why?" Finally in the last segment of the episode you'll find out "What puts Aaron's Quantum State into Flux."

So sit back and enjoy this 16th episode of the Starfleet Escape PodCast where we escape into the Star Trek universe.



Check out past episodes and the episode's show notes at the Starfleet Escape PodCast website.

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