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Hey You! Go Borg Yourself... Wth The New Star Trek Facebook App

Hey You! Go Borg Yourself... with the new Star Trek Facebook App

Ever want to be in the collective? Weird question, right? Cybernetic implants, a hive mind, no individuality, what's not to like? Well here's your chance to do the next best thing. To celebrate the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season Three [Blu-ray] and the special "Best of Both Worlds" theater event, CBS just released its "Be a Borg" app on Facebook.

It's simple, choose the borg drone picture that best fits your personality (there's nine total), upload your picture, and viola... you're assimilated. You can share the pic with friends. As they say, resistance is futile... Sorry.

You also may get the chance to have your picture appear on the big screen across 500 movie theaters nationwide before the “The Best of Both Worlds” Fathom event on April 25.

To go Borg yourself, head over to Facebook and follow the instructions. Maybe we'll all get to see your face on the silver screen.

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