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Join Other Trek Fans In The "Space Seed" Live Trek Tweet Event April 7th

Join Other Trek Fans In the "Space Seed" Live Trek Tweet Event April 7th

We recently got word of a pretty cool Trek event that's happening On April 7th (4/7, get it?). Let's put it this way; it involves Khan, the Enterprise, the SS Botany Bay and as many Trek fans as twitter and the interwebs can hold. That's right kids, is launching a "Space Seed" tweet event that lets fans get together and talk about a specific episode all in real time.

All you have to do is get your Vulcan hands on a copy of "Space Seed" in the physical (dvd / blu-ray / VHS / Betamax) or virtual form (Netflix / Amazon Instant Video) and start watching the episode at 7pm EDT on April 7th. To join in on the conversation, jump on twitter and use the hashtag #trektweets. We love the idea and hope a ton of Trek fans join in and tweet Khan into submission.

To find out more, you can check out the official TrekTweets website and follow their account on twitter @TheTrekTweets. Fun will be had by all.

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