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Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Scott Bakula Talks Reunion?

We’ve loved Scott Bakula since (at least) his time on Quantum Leap and then even more so on Enterprise, so when we came across a great interview with him by Hero Complex, LA Times we had to tell you guys about it.

They chat with him about a ton of great topics such as; his decision to accept the role, the impact of current events of the time on the show, and the ever present technobabble.

The one topic that caught our eye was the possibility of a reunion.

HC: The success of the “Veronica Mars” Kickstarter campaign has fueled a lot of speculation about other fan-favorite shows that could be brought back after cancellation. There was a big fan push to save “Enterprise” when it was canceled. Would you be open to a Kickstarter reunion?

SB: I talked about that in the beginning, before Kickstarter was around. If the fans want us to do a movie or the fans want more episodes, why don’t we let the fans be investors in the show? This is eight years ago and it didn’t go anywhere. I’d love to do [a new season], but the big problem with our show is that it requires effects and sets. A lot of our sets have been sold. Our bridge is in Germany, assembled in a guy’s garage.

HC: Really?

SB: Yep. He’s a fan, he’s got a whole museum of stuff. He gave me a card at a convention in London. He said if you’re ever in Germany, I’ve got the bridge, I’ve got the uniforms, I’ve got everything. I guess we could all shoot in Germany in his garage.

It’s a great read, and highly entertaining. You can read the whole article here.

(Source: LA Times/Hero Complex)

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