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"Con of Wrath" Director of Photography, Neal Halford, Launches New Kickstarter Project "The Thief of Dreams"

"Con of Wrath" Director of Photography, Neal Halford, Launches New Kickstarter Project "The Thief of Dreams".

Famed video game writer (Betrayal at Krondor and Dungeon Siege), The Con of Wrath directory of photography, and all around good guy, Neal Halford is launching a brand Kickstarter project. Entitled The Thief of Dreams, the first fantasy novel by Neal, is set in a world where magic is forbidden, where sorcerers are spies, and where a force beyond imagination threatens to transform the long simmering cold war between the nine kingdoms into a cataclysmic, world-shattering conflict.

Neal explains; "The Thief of Dreams will be the kind of sprawling fantasy adventure for which my computer gaming fans already know me. The one thing that people have consistently said about whatever I've worked on over the years is that I know how to tell a damned good story."

We can second that.

Neal is looking for your help to bring this new world to light. Using the crowd funding website Kickstarter, he's offering all levels of backing options. You can even name a village. Pretty cool.

"I hope you'll consider donating to this project, or at least share this with your friends who read fantasy fiction, or who may have enjoyed some of my past games. If this campaign is successful I get to write the fantasy novel I've always wanted to write, you get the best adventure that my twenty three years of professional writing experience can deliver," He continues, "in the end we can all take satisfaction that we worked on making this project happen together."

Neal is a great guy and we wouldn't post an article about the project if we didn't believe in it and its great potential.

You can learn more and donate to the project at the official Kickstarter page. You can also visit the official The Thief of Dreams website.

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