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Starfleet Escape Podcast Episode 17 : "The Romulan Star Empire" & 18: "Star Trek (2009)" Available Now

Starfleet Escape Podcast Episode 17 : "The Romulan Star Empire" & 18: "Star Trek (2009)" Available Now

This post contains two of the latest episodes from the Starfleet Escape PodCast on the Four Eyed Radio Network. First up, Aaron, Marty, and Eric discuss one of Star Trek’s greatest foes, the Romulans. We begin this episode talking about the latest news from the Trek universe including the new Vulcan characters in “Star Trek The Game,” “Star Trek Renegades” updates, the passing of Malachi Throne, and the upcoming wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart. We highlight another great “Would You Buy It?” from Bye Bye Robot and find out if the crew would buy it or not.

The Romulans are discussed in detail. From their Origins, the Earth-Romulan War, to their technology – we talk about it all. As always we turn to you the listeners and find out what you think in the “Subspace Channels.” This week we ask you what your favorite Romulan or Romulan episode was and discuss it on air.

Episode 17

Next up, we delve into the reboot of the franchise from 2009. With the highly anticipated sequel coming into light next month, we thought it would be fitting to take a look back.

The news from the Trek universe is discussed including the Star Trek Online Expansion Pack, Star Trek the Game updates, International Into Darkness trailers, and the campaign to bring back Star Trek Enterprise for a 5th season. In the main section of the episode the crew of the podcast go over the USS Kelvin, the backgrounds of Kirk and Spock, the Kobyashi Maru, the Klingons that never were and much more. As always we will turn to our listeners and find out which Star Trek ’09 actors they think did a good job interpreting their original series characters. We also have a special offer from the Divine Tailoress on Etsy for our listeners.

Episode 18

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