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Win Free Tickets To TNG's "Best Of Both Worlds" Theater Screening Courtesy Of Trekland

Win Free Tickets To TNG's "Best Of Both Worlds" Theater Screening Courtesy Of Trekland

Hey everybody, wanna win free tickets to the special screening of the "Best of Both Worlds" TNG  theater event? ...uh...yeah! Awesome, because Larry Nemecek of Trekland wants to give them to you. If you're near...or will be of the 5 cities on Larry's list, on April 25th you could win a free pair of tickets. The cities for this season's contest are; Phoenix, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Boston.

Be sure to enter soon!! ENTRY DEADLINE is 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time/ 3 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, April 21!

Larry says;

"Once again, I'm thrilled that Fathom and Allied/Impact PR have been gracious enough to let TREKLAND sponsor 10 lucky winners to this event in five cities around the country. The night, of course, is to promote the sale of the much-anticipated 3rd season set of the ongoing TNG Blu-ray remastered project by CBS that has been such a hot seller and godsend to Prime-starved Trekfans the past year. And this special "movie" version of BOBW will be available as well! More on that below the fold, but first:

Entering Trekland's "Best of Both Worlds Movie" ticket contest, as with our Season 2  theater event last winter, is simple—but do it fast!

The only caveat is you have to be situated and able to attend the screening in one of those cities, of course: all are new this time around except for Boston—I just couldn't resist a little nod to their city this week.  You need only send your email, your mailing address for the ticket delivery from Fathom, and your answer to this question:

In "The Best of Both Worlds" (parts 1 and/or 2), what is the character name of the actor/actress who also played a senior member of the crew of the original Battlestar Galactica?


Once again, we're doing this simply—so pay attention to this quickie entry process and its quirks:

—Go to my website,, and click on the yellow Newsletter box at left.

— In the "First Name" box, ignore that label and write your FULL NAME and complete mailing address: street, city, state, zip code.

— In the "Last Name" box, ignore that label as well and type one of the five "TICKET CITY" listed that is proximate to you—Phoenix, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, or Boston ... followed by the two-word answer to the above question. (Example:  "Boston — Wil Wheaton". (Sample only:Wil was many things but he was NOT Boxey. Or even Muffet.)

Again, fair warning: Unless you want to spring for a plane/train ticket or long-haul it, please do not enter unless you are in or near one of the five metro areas listed. Sorry, Rest of America (including my native and adopted homes)—We went into new cities, and we'll get even more of you next time.)

That's it!

ONE entry per person—thanks!

ENTRY DEADLINE is 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time/ 3 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, April 21!

Five winners will be announced by Monday night, April 22—after I draw from among all those submitting both the correct answer AND a complete, useable email and mailing address; both are required in order to win. Fathom Events will be provided the five winners' addresses, and will supply the prize tickets directly to them. Also, Fathom will award the specific theater passes as close as possible based on geography."

Read more about Larry's contest and the event here.

If you aren't one of the lucky winners (or you're not in one of Larry's 5 cities), don't despair, you can still attend the event. Check out the details here.

We will be attending, right here in Austin, for sure! The 2nd season event was spectacular, and it didn't even have the Borg. This one will be even better! "See" you there!!

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