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Star Trek Into Darkness London Premiere Interviews and Photos

Star Trek Into Darkness London Premiere Interviews and Photos

With the London premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness happening today, we thought you might like to see some cool pics and video of all the excitement. Be sure to check out the links to the full galleries of photos.

(Getty Images) See the  gallery here.

(Getty Images) See the gallery here.

Interviewed in London’s Leicester Square, Chris Pine tells us his thoughts on the best thing to come out of his time with the Star Trek movies.

He says, “Yeah, we’re used to working with one another, and (you know) we are friends off screen. Which makes it a lot easier. We see one another when we’re not filming. So there’s a rapport that I think has built up over however many years now, four or five years that’s (you know) it’s just a matter of being friends, which is great. And that is the ultimate kind of treasure of this whole experience is that you get to walk away with these beautiful wonderful people as your friends.”

Outside at the London premiere, J.J. Abrams talks about his thoughts behind his decisions on the sequel.

“The idea for me was (you know) not to rely on people knowing the characters, people knowing the world, people understanding the stakes…don’t make that mistake. Sequels often do that, where they kind of start and they like assume that you care. So we really had to sort of say “forget it, start over “ of course, knowing that fans of Star Trek are vocal and passionate and so if you’re a fan of Star Trek you’ll see things that will be rewards and things that will be references that you’ll get, jokes that you’ll get, but you don’t need to have seen it before.  And the story really is about testing this family.”

See the interviews below:

(Source: The Telegraph, The Independent, Metro, Getty Images)

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