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Bing Now Translates From Klingon To English And Back. Qapla'!

Microsoft's Bing search engine just released new Trek specific features in anticipation of the May 17th release of Star Trek Into Darkness.  Working closely with Klingon language creator Mark Orkrand and the Klingon Language Institute, Bing now lets you translate from English to Klingon and back again...all to your eight chambered heart's content.  Two dialects are available Klingon & Klingon (Kronos).  Maybe some of our Klingon fans can tells us the difference. The new translation feature is available via the web and as an update to Bing Translator for Windows Phone 8.

If that wasn't enough, Bing will also answer your Trek questions. Simple things like "Who said live long and prosper?" return the appropriate answers via Bing Snapshot.  Although, I gotta say, it couldn't answer my question: "Why are Pakleds so annoying?"...

Check out the new Bing Klingon Translator here and Hegh SuvwI' Hegh.

(Source: Bing Blog)

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