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Ever Wonder How Many Tribbles Could Fit In Your Home? Here's How You Can Find Out.

Ever Wonder How Many Tribbles Could Fit In Your Home?

I have often wondered that myself. Granted, I don't stockpile quadrotriticale or visit space station K-7 on a regular basis.  So, how could I possibly figure out the amount of tribbles that would fit in my domicile? Well, that's were the folks at come in.  They just released a handy calculator that determines the amount of tribbles that will fit in your home based on the dimensions of the average tribble, the rate at which they breed, and the dimensions of a building (square feet).  Pretty cool.

Let's just put it this way, my house would be full of thousands of tribbles in a mere 60 hrs.  Yikes.  Want to find out how many tribbles will fit into your home? Check out the calculator below. You should also head over to the Movto Blog to read the full story on how they make these crazy calculations.

Star Trek: How Many Tribbles Will Fit in Your House?

(Source: Movto Blog)

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