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Star Trek Xbox Live Avatar Collection Now Available

I like to personalize the stuff I use on a regular basis, to add a little touch of personality to my everyday life. Embroider my name in my gym socks. Carry a vintage Star Trek metal lunch box to work. Blow my nose in a purple checkered monogrammed hankie. So when it comes to my gaming choices, I’m no different. I don’t go with the mundane…I make it my own. With that being said, one thing you already know is that I love sci-fi in general. Because of that, I currently have my Xbox Live Avatar decked out in a certain “scruffy looking smuggler” outfit from another “Starchise”. Come on…no flack…it was the only thing available for what seemed like ever.

That has now officially changed. Flashman Studios has recently released a new line of Xbox Live Avatar merchandise including, Starfleet uniforms, shirts, Borg and Klingon costumes, and even Geordi’s visor. Personally I'm hoping there's a beaming animation in the avatar's idle state, but I don't have any word on that yet. So... now that I can sport a TNG jumpsuit, I think I might have to make the switch. That’s right folks…it’s jumpsuit time!

Get your thumbs on all the new goodies here.

Check out the official trailer showing off all of the new wares:

Here is a fan video showing tons of options:

One more fan video:

(Source: Flasman Studios)

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