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There's Still Time To Participate With 'Experience The Enterprise' But Hurry, It's Going Fast

MAKE IT SO!!! Be part of this great effort!! There's still a little time to get in on the fun. Bring the bridge of the Enterprise-D to Vegas. Who knows...maybe traveling to Vegas will be just the thing it needs to get traveling time maybe even to your neck of the galaxy woods.

Read the official press release below:


Fans Rally Support To Bring Iconic Set To Star Trek Convention

Trek Radio with its broadcasting partners STOked Radio Podcast and Priority One Podcast teamed with New Starship to launch the "Experience the Enterprise" Indiegogo campaign to bring the restored Enterprise-D bridge set to Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegasconvention at the Rio Hotel August 8 – 11, 2013.

Star Trek has always been more than just a television show or movie franchise. Generations of fans have bonded over Star Trek building lasting memories and dreaming of stepping onto the bridge to command their own starship. Huston Huddleston (New Starship) intends to bring the magic of those memories and dreams to life with the Enterprise Bridge Restoration interactive museum project. Before it can embark on that sustained mission, the bridge will travel to Las Vegas allowing fans the opportunity to experience the Enterprise-D at the largest Star Trek convention in the world.

This exhibit will showcase New Starship’s bridge in the most complete form it has been seen to date, with all 6 primary set pieces assembled on the vendor room floor. Fans in attendance will be able to sit in the captain’s chair, take the helm at Conn or Ops, stand at the tactical station, and enjoy unique photo opportunities. In addition, contributors to the Experience the Enterprise campaign have access to a number of great incentives from an on-air shout out to recording a celebrity interview.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Experience the Enterpriseto contribute to the campaign and share it with fellow fans.



The New Starship Enterprise Bridge Restoration is a non-profit foundation created to completely restore one of the Paramount created Enterprise-D Bridge sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, so it can be displayed to the public and turned into an Interactive Museum attraction. The original TV set was destroyed for the film Star Trek: Generations, and this duplicate set was created in 1997 by Paramount, under the supervision of Herman Zimmerman and Michael Okuda.


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